About Tiemension

Tiemension Modern apparel, unique accessories Ties and Bow ties

TIEMENSION : Modern menswear, premium quality bow ties and ties

Tiemension is a unique mens clothing lifestyle brand, offering different and distinct ready to wear fashion and bespoke experiences, for custom gifts, Menswear, Accessories, Jewelry and state of the art Ties and Bow ties. Tiemension is wearable tech and elegant styling, for your everyday essentials.  


ETHOS: Become Beyond.

Tiemension™ is a Lifestyle that is dedicated to creating innovative bespoke experiences and unique custom gifts for luxury accessories and menswear fashion.

We are challenging the status quo, with elegant styling, and different variations Ties and bow ties to deliver something truly fun, engaging and exclusive to a lifestyle of people who expect nothing less. 

Tiemension Expensive black chrome Bow tie


We create for Unique individuals who demand the very best in everything they buy. The product of years of development, our Fashion style, accessories, Ties and Bow ties are unique jewelry masterpieces for men and women. Handcrafted  one at a time. Each is rare, precious and highly exclusive and always has been, handmade by a single craftsman at our small factory in New York City. 

We use the most exceptional materials, such as ruby, sapphire and titanium, Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, and precious metals each carefully selected not just for their stunning appearance but for their exceptional strength. As part of our dedication to creating something truly unique, we also provide a wide range of personalization options, allowing our customers to fully express their individuality.